Freitag, 20. Dezember 2013

Having a coffee with the Berlin based model Falko Kremp

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 How did you become a model? 
People have often asked me if I was a model. At the beginning I did not take the questions seriously, but when I got an offer to work as a model for fittings and a fashion show of the ESMOD International University of Art for Fashion, I decided to apply to two model agencies: Modelfabrik and Rockstar Models. At the beginning of 2012 these two agencies added me into their register. Only three months ago I changed to the agency VIVA Models.

What is the most memorable and beautiful compliment that someone has paid you?
„You are special.” Not too long ago somebody paid me this compliment, separate from my job as a model. This melted my heart. Did the work in front of the camera change how you view yourself? I have always been thinking about me and my effect on others. I am very interested in the impression I leave on others. Overall, I would describe myself as a person who is really self-reflective. In this regard, my job as a model has proven to be very helpful. I might even be gaining another perspective of me or be more aware of the impression I leave on others due to my job.

How do you view yourself in a photoshopped picture? Are you able to identify yourself in it?
It depends on the level of modification. The touch ups of skin blemish and other minor details do not change the character of an image. However, I do not appreciate significant changes to a picture. I would like to be able to recognize myself in it, instead of being a rough outline for a photoshop artist. If one were to retouch a photo to the level that one wouldn’t be able to recognize the person captured, you could hire anyone. I do not think that that is the gist of it.

How would you portray a caricature of yourself?
The features that would definitely gain the most attention would be huge circles and bags under the eyes. Another important thing my cartoons face should have is a scar that runs across its whole forehead. Last but not least it should have tried but failed at giving the irresistible George Clooney stare.

Has your awareness for your style increased since you started to work in the fashion industry?
In my opinion, one has to have a special fascination for clothing to work in this industry. Of course it sometimes evolves or intensifies over time but when it comes to me, I have always had an interest in fashion and the way one can dress. In my case nothing has changed since I work as a model regarding my personal style.

How important would you consider clothing when it comes to a persons appearance?
As I studied communications this is a very important aspect for me, also concerning fashion. With gesture, language and clothing one communicates with surrounding people all the time and no one can avoid that. For this reason, I think one should always be careful when it comes to clothing.

Do you care about fashion trends and follow them?
No, but I do pick out certain trends that I like and which I think fit me best. I do have my own personal style already so I just use some trends and make them my own, by adapting them in my way. Quality is also important to me. I make sure that I buy clothing with high quality materials and a good finishing. Quality is certainly not low priced that's why I reckon suits that cost less than 500 euros should be forbidden, they're aesthetically useless as well.
One final question: Is fashion purely a matter of taste?
Fashion is never a question of taste! Taste is definately objective. Probably a ministry for taste is a good solution to prevent bad taste. The former German minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg qualifies to be the head of this ministry due to his flawless taste referring suits. Unfortunately I had to find out that he buys them off the rack.

Sonntag, 24. November 2013

A post about street style - The modern Berlin men on the streets

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Street style is actually a really old phenomenon. It exists since people started to buy mainstream fashion in stores and started to combine it in their personal ways. Of course back then, in the twenties, thirties, fourties and so on, street fashion remained in the streets.
Nowadays because of the web people have the option to share street styles they like and to set trends that come directly from the customer. Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centers. 
Most major youth subcultures have had an associated street fashion. Examples include Hip Hop style, Skinheads, Punks or Preps.

As we are running a blog that concentrates on male fashion that was also our focus on this street style post. We went the Friedrichstraße up and down to look out for stylish men. At first it felt a little bit strange to talk to strangers but after a little while we got into it and it became a lot easier. 

So here is what we came up with.

Samstag, 23. November 2013

A report about an event - The Michalsky StyleNite, "Broken Promises"

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Michael Michalsky is for me an icon of Berlin fashion. He represents the spirit of the city and has the talent, that was necessary, to prove to the world that Berlin is a fashion metropole, that you have to take into account.
Bravo Michael!” With the latter quote, Karl Lagerfeld describes Berlin fashion designer Michael Michalsky and his fashion that the creative head regularly presents at the Michalsky StyleNite. The StyleNite always take place at the end of Berlin Fashion Week and counts as one of the absolute highglights of Fashion Week. With this event Michalsky draws together fashion with music and art.

His collections tend to embody a specific theme, which is reflected throughout every piece. Especially the pieces of men’s fashion exhibit the particular character of the theme of the collection. His inspiration this time was “Broken Promises”. According to the theme some of the pieces of clothing or an entire suit were printed with a particular print that reflected the theme of a casino. Furthermore, one was able to find chips for gambling on necklaces, which were attached to men’s pants in the collectoin. In general one can describe the fashion as a successful combination of sportswear and business clothes. 7/8 pleated front trousers were worn with sneakers and a casual sweater.
However, Michalsky also shows that one can also combine a suit with a low croth with sportive sneakers.

This Berlin fashion is always extravagantly celebrated at the Aftershow Party of evey StyleNite. Next to an extensive buffet the guests and models join each other on the dancefloor to live up the night.

Check out this amazing video of the show!

Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

Sissi Goetze - A review of a Berlin-based designer

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Sissi Goetze 
A review of a Berlin-based designer

Something with an edge and no pressure to design a new silhouette every season – these are two of the main reasons why Sissi Goetze designs men’s fashion. 
After graduating with a diploma from HTW the young Berlin fashion designer moved to London to pursue a masters degree at Central Saint Martins. Her style can be described with the following adjectives: puristic, clean and unicolored with a passion for straight cuts. 

In her collections she mixes the severity of a business suit with the casualty of street wear elements. She herself says, that she got to know this style in London. She however did not only take the latter from the fashion metropolis to the next metropolis. 

At Central Saint Martins they taught Goetze to not always try to get to the bottom of everything, to be selective and also to reject some ideas. This is a strategy to prepare the students for the challenging and tough job as a fashion designer as well as the constant pressure to succeed and the pervasive competitiveness in the industry. 
Strategic maneuvering as she learned in her education encouraged her to stand up for her work and style, to articulate her ideas, sell her creations and to only focus on what she can do best: puristic men’s fashion, in which high quality materials with art craft and precise simplicity are transformed into new innovative creations.

Check out her homepage: