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Sissi Goetze - A review of a Berlin-based designer

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Sissi Goetze 
A review of a Berlin-based designer

Something with an edge and no pressure to design a new silhouette every season – these are two of the main reasons why Sissi Goetze designs men’s fashion. 
After graduating with a diploma from HTW the young Berlin fashion designer moved to London to pursue a masters degree at Central Saint Martins. Her style can be described with the following adjectives: puristic, clean and unicolored with a passion for straight cuts. 

In her collections she mixes the severity of a business suit with the casualty of street wear elements. She herself says, that she got to know this style in London. She however did not only take the latter from the fashion metropolis to the next metropolis. 

At Central Saint Martins they taught Goetze to not always try to get to the bottom of everything, to be selective and also to reject some ideas. This is a strategy to prepare the students for the challenging and tough job as a fashion designer as well as the constant pressure to succeed and the pervasive competitiveness in the industry. 
Strategic maneuvering as she learned in her education encouraged her to stand up for her work and style, to articulate her ideas, sell her creations and to only focus on what she can do best: puristic men’s fashion, in which high quality materials with art craft and precise simplicity are transformed into new innovative creations.

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