Samstag, 23. November 2013

A report about an event - The Michalsky StyleNite, "Broken Promises"

Michael Michalsky is for me an icon of Berlin fashion. He represents the spirit of the city and has the talent, that was necessary, to prove to the world that Berlin is a fashion metropole, that you have to take into account.
Bravo Michael!” With the latter quote, Karl Lagerfeld describes Berlin fashion designer Michael Michalsky and his fashion that the creative head regularly presents at the Michalsky StyleNite. The StyleNite always take place at the end of Berlin Fashion Week and counts as one of the absolute highglights of Fashion Week. With this event Michalsky draws together fashion with music and art.

His collections tend to embody a specific theme, which is reflected throughout every piece. Especially the pieces of men’s fashion exhibit the particular character of the theme of the collection. His inspiration this time was “Broken Promises”. According to the theme some of the pieces of clothing or an entire suit were printed with a particular print that reflected the theme of a casino. Furthermore, one was able to find chips for gambling on necklaces, which were attached to men’s pants in the collectoin. In general one can describe the fashion as a successful combination of sportswear and business clothes. 7/8 pleated front trousers were worn with sneakers and a casual sweater.
However, Michalsky also shows that one can also combine a suit with a low croth with sportive sneakers.

This Berlin fashion is always extravagantly celebrated at the Aftershow Party of evey StyleNite. Next to an extensive buffet the guests and models join each other on the dancefloor to live up the night.

Check out this amazing video of the show!

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